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With a 100-year history of providing quality metal parts, the Greene Group is a recognized industry leader in a wide range of metal fabrication processes. In addition to stamping and forming, the Greene Group’s capabilities also include CNC machining, Wire EDM, Metal Injection Molding (MIM), and Additive Manufacturing (AM / 3D Printing). A state-of-the-art manufacturing, sales, and support network allows the Greene Group to take an initial product concept, rapidly provide a prototype, then develop a short-run production process – all in record time!

The Greene Group’s unique combination of industry knowledge, experience, and buying power make it possible to continually provide competitive, high-volume manufacturing services to its customers. By determining the ideal manufacturing method for each product application and volume, the Greene Group’s team of manufacturing professionals ensures consistency, prompt delivery, and dramatic cost savings.

Port Huron, Michigan

Precision Metal Parts Manufacturing – from Prototype to Production

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