Green Initiatives

Promoting Conservation & Recycling for a Cleaner Environment

The Greene Group of companies are dedicated to a wide range of earth-friendly initiatives designed to promote sustainable and responsible business and manufacturing processes:

• Chemical Management – All manufacturing sites have implemented stringent chemical handling practices to control environmental and employee exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals.

• Metal Recovery and Recycling – All Greene Group locations recover and recycle scrap metal, filings and metal waste in order to minimize impact on local landfills.

• Paper Recycling – All Greene Group offices actively recycle and reuse paper products to minimize waste and promote conservation.

• Solar Power – The Greene Group’s Oceanside, CA facility has installed an extensive solar power array and currently derives a significant portion of its electricity needs from solar energy.

The Greene Group’s “Green Initiatives” have proven to be not only environmentally friendly, but business-friendly as well. As a result of these practices, our facilities save energy and resources that translate into lower costs to customers. By reducing our impact on the environment, we have created safer conditions for employees while promoting conservation and recycling initiatives company-wide.