What Our Customers Are Saying

GGI has remained a top-tier supplier long term. The highest levels of responsiveness and professionalism set them apart in support of rapidly changing requirements and extremely dynamic end customer requirements. Much of our success ties directly into these very high levels of support. Continuing thanks to GGI for all the support over all these years.

– Purchasing Manager at a leading Equipment and Systems Manufacturer

GGI has been a 5-star partner for us. After working with GGI through several projects over 6  years, I have found them to be incredibly responsive, and they have provided us with unparalleled quality on some of the most challenging MIM components. GGI has consistently developed novel ways to design their tooling to meet our demanding specifications on the latest surgical technology.

– Sr. Manuf. Engineer – large Medical Device OEM

I am very proud to say that the McCormick Companies have been doing business with GGI every since the beginning of its operations.The integrity and commitment to excellence my companies have experienced with all the Greene Group companies dates back to 1989. The Greene Group has become an invaluable and pivotal source that has afforded my companies an ever increasing number of successes. They are truly a leading edge company.

– President/Owner – McCormick Companies

I wanted also to share that if I am ever asked to rank all of the vendors I have worked with according to responsiveness, achieving goals, communication, skill and overall medical product knowledge, GGI wins hands down. It is a pleasure seeing the project turn into a trusted process. Thanks to you both and your team!!!!

– Design Assurance Engineer at a large Medical Device OEM

GGI rapidly develops complex machined components and assemblies with the highest possible quality. They take on our most challenging parts right from the prototyping stages, support all development efforts and carry them through to production seamlessly. They support our development efforts as if they are part of the internal team and their level of communication is superb.

GGI has been essential to product success and bringing the highest possible quality devices to the customer.  They take on real challenges and work to solve them not only with highly precise machined parts but with a range of processes and capabilities.

– Sr. Design Engineer – large Medical Device OEM

Over the past several years GGI has worked with my project team to develop components for multiple innovative new devices. The complex nature of our designs make these projects challenging and require a lot of personal attention, crisp communication, and creative problem solving to meet our project targets of timing, cost and superior quality. GGI has demonstrated their willingness and ability to deliver in these areas, making them a valued partner for our business.

– Director of Advanced Instruments – large Medical Device OEM

GGI’s project management support is the best of any MIM house we have worked with. We are confident when placing a new tooling PO with GGI that we are going to close the project on time. When we get into production, GGI partners with us to continually improve the process and cost over time. We ask GGI to help us compete and they are always there looking for new ways help us to advance.

– Sr. Buyer – large Medical Device OEM