Case Studies


A prominent ceiling fan manufacturer was looking to reduce the manufacturing costs, yet still maintain a US manufacturing base.
The key cost component was the “end bell” of the fans.

The Greene Group's Solution

Greene’s team of engineers and veteran toolmakers were able to design and build a sophisticated deep draw die and press transfer mechanism. This automated the stamping process, cutting production time and labor cost. The customer could now justify keeping its manufacturing base in the US and Greene became the sole source for this product.

CUSTOMER CHALLENGE: Product Transition on a Deadline

A leading automation and controls manufacturer needed to reduce costs and improve quality on a mature product line with a six-month deadline. The product line consisted of 190 different components, a variety of alloys, each with its own stamping tool. In order to transition the company would need its supplier to be six months.

The Greene Group's Solution

Greene Group was up and running on all 190 components in less than 6 months on a Kanban system coordinating with the customer’s maquiladora in Mexico. The customer achieved a 25% savings in first year after transition.

CUSTOMER CHALLENGE Prototype to High-Volume Production

A telecommunications manufacturer was in the early design and development stages of a new product that required a complex, tightly toleranced copper metal component with zinc plating. The customer required prototype and engineering services on the front end, as well as long-term, high-volume production capacity.

The Greene Group's Solution

We were able to assist in the design and prototype phase by quickly machining samples for testing while simultaneously beginning work on a progressive die. By the time the samples were approved, the production lead time was cut down to several weeks and the customer was able to meet their time to market requirements.

CUSTOMER CHALLENGE: Maintain High Quality with Reducing Cost

A prominent manufacturer of surgical instruments was looking to eliminate the high cost of machining on many of their components without sacrificing quality and the ability to produce a complex shape.

The Greene Group's Solution

The MIM (Metal Injection Molding) experts at our Greene Group Manufacturing division were able to design and build MIM molds for a variety of these very intricate stainless steel components. The Greene Group team is now producing these components and the customer is able to achieve a high level of quality at a significant cost savings.

CUSTOMER CHALLENGE: Accommodate Complex Design at Reasonable Cost

A large industrial manufacturer was looking to produce a high quality copper component using the metal injection molding process. This would allow them to increase the complexity of the component and reduce manufacturing costs.

The Greene Group's Solution

Greene Group Manufacturing was able to develop a process that included a custom copper feedstock, unique mold design and sintering process. This process created the high quality, complex shape the customer required. Greene Group is now in high volume production on this component.