Defense / Aerospace

Quality Metal Manufacturing

Greene Group is a leading supplier of metal parts to the U.S. Government, and to major defense and aerospace manufacturers throughout the country. Greene Group’s company-wide focus on quality control, combined with strict adherence to all product specifications, have resulted in many long-standing contracts, underscoring a total commitment to on-time delivery and complete customer satisfaction. Production operations feature fully integrated Statistical Process Control (SPC) for the highest levels of quality and consistency. Greene Group has earned MIL-Q-9858 approval and ISO 9000 certification for its quality system.

Application Areas

  • Helicopter rotor straps
  • Cartridge links
  • Gas mask components
  • Aircraft fiberoptics
  • Penetrators and flechettes
  • Pistol magazines
  • Firearm components
  • Canteens, buckles, can openers
  • Magazine springs
  • Military hardware
  • Capital equipment components
  • Inspection equipment components


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