The MIM Advantage

In addition to metal stamping and forming, the Greene Group of companies is also a leader in Metal Injection Molding (MIM) and Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM), net-shape processes that combine the ease of injection molding with the strength and functionality of machined metals. Virtually any design, regardless of complexity, can be produced in a wide range of available metal alloys, including stainless steel, alloy steels, soft magnetic materials and custom alloys.

MIM/CIM is particularly well suited to the manufacture of medical, surgical, dental and pharmaceutical devices and instruments. It delivers the necessary strength, durability and precision at a cost far below that of costly machining or die-casting, and with a level of precision and consistency that these applications demand.

MIM/CIM can eliminate many of the design restrictions of conventional machining or casting. Significant component weight reductions are often possible, and multiple components can be redesigned and manufactured as a single part, simplifying assembly. High-resolution features, such as raised lettering and logos, are easily molded. Internal or external threads and knurled features – all extremely costly to machine – are essentially free of cost with injection molding.

The Greene Group team of technology experts can advise you regarding the advantages of MIM/CIM for your next project. Put their field-proven expertise to the test and enjoy the design advantages and dramatic cost savings that MIM/CIM can provide.